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Wood Alternatives For Your Carpentry Projects

Wood alteratives for your carpentry projects

There are a variety of great and tough woods to choose from if you need any sort of carpentry job, but there are a lot of wood alternatives available as well. Nowadays, many wood alternatives can be used for your projects that are more resistant to dry rot and other types of damage prevalent among wood structures.

Wood Alternatives

Many wood alternatives can be used for the same wood replacement and carpentry projects that regular wood is used for. However, it's important to consider what kind of alternative is being used and for what application.

Some materials may be better suited for simple indoor fixes while others can handle more load-bearing tasks. However, it's vital not to confuse the two lest disaster come as a result.

Bamboo As An Alternative

Bamboo is becoming quite a popular wood alternative thanks to its unique qualities as well as its history of being used as a home building material. Bamboo is lightweight and flexible, but strong thanks to its hollow structure. It is also a decently reliable load-bearing material and can be used for a variety of functions normally given to wood.

In recent years, processed bamboo can be made into floor panels and cabinets as water-resistant material; bamboo also has a more flexible body making it resistant to earthquakes. All these advantages aside, bamboo still can't compare to hardier lumber when it comes to load-bearing capacity.

Hemp As An Alternative

Hemp isn't the best choice when it comes to load-bearing tasks, but it can be used in a variety of other ways in replacement of wood. For example, there are cabinets, flooring, and wall panels that can be made with hemp.

A big advantage of hemp is that it is resistant to rot and mold while also being free from the dangers of termites. And while it may not be suitable for heavy-duty jobs, it can be used for smaller carpentry jobs in place of wood while offering some advantages.

When To Use Wood And When To Use Alternatives.

Whether you should consider using wood alternatives may be entirely up to you and your aesthetic tastes, but there is also location and environmental factor to consider. For example, in areas where there's a lot of moisture or termites, using wood alternatives may be more beneficial when deterring such problems from your home.

However, in many applications, wood still is the most reliable building material and should be the only one that's used. There are a wide variety of woods that can be useful in certain applications and have rot-resistant properties. Whatever you plan on using, make sure you consult a professional builder or carpenter prior to the job so you can know for sure whether it's wise to use a certain type of material.

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