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Ways To Prevent Termites And Rot

Ways to prevent termites and rot

Termites and rot can really cause a lot of grief in your home, but there are ways you can prevent them from causing problems in your home. Sometimes a little preparation around your home can help prevent these damages in the long run, and our painting company can help if you do need any wood repair service.

Circulate Air In Your Home

One of the most common causes that cause dry rot in your home is stagnant air. Air that doesn't get enough circulation, such as in your attic or other storage areas, is the most likely area to accumulate dry rot and spread fungal growth which weakens your wood. By creating a steady circulation of air in these areas, the risk for dry rot is reduced significantly and becomes a less likely occurrence.

Make Sure There's No Water Damage

Water damage can lead to severe rot, especially if it's in an out-of-sight area you don't usually pay attention to. Making sure your home is properly sealed and not suffering from any unwanted leaks will help prevent water damage from happening around your home.

Additionally, termites often look for moisture in the foundation of a home which is another reason why you should ensure there's no water damage. Water can work its way into your home from the exterior if there isn't proper drainage. You can make sure the water is being properly directed away from your home by ensuring your home's drainage system, such as the gutters, is functioning properly and is not blocked.

Prevent Soil to Wood Contact And Remove Debris

Try to have only the concrete foundation touching the soil in regard to contact with your home. The less soil comes into contact with your lumber, the less likely termites or water damage can find their way in.

You want to clear your property of any junk or debris like loose timber, lumber, or any other area where rot and termites could reside. The fewer places for pests to hide, the less likely your home with risk contamination.

Get Regular Inspections

These are the most common ways you can take preventative measures, but it's always best to get regular inspections in and around your home. Pest inspectors or dry rot repair experts will always know what to look for that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. The more attentive you are to your property, the less likely you'll have to deal with costly repairs and replacements.

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