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Types of Wood Resistant To Deterioration

Types of wood resistant to deterioration

When dealing with a wood repair or replacement, it's important to consider the kinds of wood that are heavily resistant to deterioration. When you occupy an already built home, there's not a lot you can do to change the wood in your home unless you're willing to do complete reconstructions.

However, if you are building a new structure or replacing some old wood in your home with new lumber, you should consider what kind of wood is being used.

Main Types of Rot Resistant Woods

Certain woods have proven to have a higher resistance to rot and wood deterioration than others. If you use these woods for your building or repair projects, you may end up saving money down the road. When it comes to the types of wood that are resistant to rot, there are certain species that tend to pop up time and again. Below are listed some of the most rot-resistant wood available:

  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Spanish Cedar
  • White Oak
  • Redwood
  • Cyprus

Depending on the type of project you have along with what your budget is, certain woods may be preferable over others for your carpentry job. Regardless, any of these woods have high rot resistance due to their unique structure.

What Makes Rot-Resistant Wood?

One of the key components many of these woods share that aids their rot-resistance capacity is that they possess a significant amount of natural oils that combat the development of rot. However, some of these woods possess another quality that aids their resistance to rot: their density. Woods with more densely packed wood fibers are harder to break apart and thus make it harder for rot to develop.

Factors That Can Affect Woods Waterproofing Abilities

Just because these trees have natural components that allow them to have rot-resistant qualities, not every tree will be the same. Sometimes it's important to know where a tree grew since factors such as the soil or weather can affect how a tree develops.

The age of a tree can also affect how strong the lumber is. Sometimes when certain species of tree are allowed to mature longer, they become stronger and more durable. If they are harvested too quickly, the wood might've not had enough time to develop making it more prone to cracking and rot.

Professional Advice

Whatever type of project you're planning to do, it's never a bad idea to get advice from wood repair experts who have experience working with different types of wood. Sometimes they can give you advice centered around your individual project so you get the exact type of wood you need for your individual case.

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