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About DP Painting - The Superior Sherman Oaks Painting Contractor

About us

If you need a painting contractor that can give you the results you need for your Sherman Oaks property then look no further! We are a high-quality painting company in Sherman Oaks that provides several such services so you can make sure your structure stays in good condition!

Providing High-Quality Painting and Wood Repair Services

Our painting contractor company prides itself on taking good care of all our client's needs, especially when it comes to exterior house painting and structural maintenance. There are a lot of things that can wear down a structure's appearance and it's important to see that it remains strong for the long term.

Don't let your structure deteriorate more than necessary. With our help, you can keep it in a good condition for longer. We also provide a variety of carpentry end repair services if you need any assistance with areas that have degraded.

A Little About The Owner

We are a third-generation painting contractor that is a family business run and owned by Dan Parks. Our business started fifty years ago with Parks' grandfather in 1976 and continues to go strong today.

With twenty years of experience under his belt, Dan and our team take exceptional care to meet all the needs of every customer and treat their house as if it were our own. Our hands-on experience gives us a wide breadth of knowledge of how best to help others with their carpentry home exterior and wood maintenance projects.

Our Pledge to Our Clients

Our painting contractor company is dedicated to giving quality service to all of our customers in order to have satisfying results each and every time. We want you to feel confident end the strength and durability of your wood project. The most important thing for us is that you not only have results that leave you satisfied but also stay strong for years to come.

Why Hire Professionals to Help With Your Home?

With certain projects, it is best to seek the help of painting contractors with more experience and expertise. This way you can get the best quality results; we can provide those results so you don't have to worry about future degradation and repair costs.

Contact Us To Book A Service

If you feel you need a professional painting contractor, rely on us for taking care of whatever project you have, whether it be exterior home painting, carpentry, dry rot maintenance, or any of our other services. Give us a call and we will be ready to help. When you contact our painting company, will even give you a free quote for your project and set you up with a service right away.

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