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Your Sherman Oaks Exterior House Painting Specialist!

For all your painting needs, our painting company has the services that can provide your Sherman Oaks property with the results it deserves. Don't let important parts of your home deteriorate, but take care of them with the help of our painting company.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our painting company provides a variety of carpentry and painting services to keep your house looking beautiful. Sometimes your home needs an upgrade or regular maintenance and we are here to help so it doesn't have to be a hassle.

Our painters and carpenters have several years of experience working and honing our craft. We've worked on all kinds of painting and repair work for a variety of homes and know exactly what the best approach is to whatever project you have for us. See what a difference our professionals can make when it comes to breathing new life into your home.

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Additionally, our painting company offers professional carpentry services to handle any repairs, additions, or replacements you would like to get. Whether it's painting or interior repairs, we always use equipment best suited to getting the best results, we believe that using the right materials for the job is part of what ensures quality results.

You can always expect a job well done with our painting company contractors no matter what kind of job needs to get done. Our painting company uses professional equipment to get perfect results every time so there will never be any guesswork. Having a strong understanding of the work as well as our equipment is part of what makes us so good at our job and why we're best suited to tackling your work.

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Exterior Painting

Our longest experience and specialty lies in our exterior painting services. We not only can provide exterior painting for your home but other structures that may need a new coat of paint. Our painters have years of experience under their belt which allows us to tackle any job with ease. Regardless of what kind of surface you have, how large, or how high up, we know how to handle the work efficiently and safely so you can get a beautiful new paint job on whatever exterior you have in mind.

Exterior Home Painting

Home Repair Services

Frequently Asked Exterior Painting Questions

Having so many years of experience under our belt as a painting company as well as offering various repair services, we often get a lot of inquiries from our clients. Some of the most frequent questions we get are listed below for the convenience of new clients.

Yes, but not only does our painting company provide exterior house painting services, but we can also help with the maintenance you'll need in other aspects of your home. We take care of dry rot repair which can happen in any part of your home and may not be easily noticed by you until it's too late.

When it comes to preparing your home's exterior for repainting we can manage some of the prep work. We will remove flaking or old paint prior to applying a fresh coat to ensure it last longer.

The area will be cleaned to the best of our ability so that your new paint job not only looks good but stays strong. If you have any questions regarding the painting prep we offer you can always give us a call and we will be happy to answer any inquiries or concerns you have.

Our carpentry services can help get your property back in shape even if you have wood damage. We will remove the old damage ensuring only the damaged sections are removed without touching any areas of your home that are not in need of repair. We then we'll provide our carpentry services to create a quality replacement for your damaged area.

The deterioration of wood from dry rot is primarily caused due to the growth of a fungus that weakens the wood structure and causes it to become brittle and flaky. Dry rot typically happens in areas that are poorly ventilated or not subject to much air circulation. Dry rot can happen end multiple climates both wet and dry.

Dry rot typically goes unnoticed because it occurs in areas that are not often checked regularly such as attics or storage areas. Places like these are also ones that have poor air circulation making them prime targets for dry rot to develop faster.

We can help with any dry rot issue you may have, first by inspecting your home to find any hidden fungal growth that secretly has been developing. When we find the dry rot we will safely remove the weakened wood and replace it with newer stronger wood.

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